I saw a film at someone’s recommendation.
The name of the film is “The Last Shaman”, and I had no idea what to really expect from it.
Whatever expectation proved to be wrong, but I was surprised by the lesson it sort of delivered; very powerful for whomever has ears to listen, parents and sons/daughters alike. It has the potential to dispel some thick ignorance.

When I saw the quote just at the beginning of the film, I dropped everything I thought I had to do and just went on watching. It was the quote that made me do that, for the film/documentary missed making the point somewhat.

IN ONESELF lies the whole world
and if you know how to LOOK and  LEARN,
THE DOOR is there and THE KEY is in
NOBODY ON EARTH can give you either
THE KEY or THE DOOR to open.
Jiddu Krishnamurti


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